Modern Holding Group is a staffing agency that has the expertise, experience, and network to find you the most qualified candidates for any industry in as little as two days.


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Staffing Services

Not your typical staffing firm

We take care of the search, candidate curation, onboarding, in addition to just identifying talent.

We’ll work within your financial constraints, and you don’t pay until your candidate begins.

Managed Services


Your business succeeds when your team does. We are professionals in building teams, selecting personnel, and managing projects. Developing high-performance is both a science and an art, regardless of your sector. It calls for knowledge and tried-and-true methods. To locate the greatest candidates, employ them, and then help them achieve their full potential, we have worked with leaders across many industries.

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Staffing Services

We look after those who look after your people. Each person gives their all when they feel valued, respected, and cared for. This is especially true for people who work in customer service and operational support positions. In order to establish outstanding teams and manage them on a daily basis with transparency, flexibility, and absolute accountability, we use a tried-and-true method and are obsessed with great culture. We effortlessly integrate into the organizations of our partners.

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Products & Platform Services

It’s wonderful to have a nerd organization built on top of a recruiting company. We are enthusiastic technologists who enjoy working with our clients to identify important goals and then creating the best teams, procedures, and strategies to achieve them. We work in every industry that our clients are in because geek speaks any language. Each team is individually assembled because we don’t have a bench, and after a project is finished, the team of professionals can easily integrate into the businesses of our clients. Just the right people at the right position, no bother, no fuss.

Services for Data & App Engineering and Technology Operations

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Solutions for
Applied Engineering

For a wide range of sectors, we provide engineering problem solving. We assist with lowering costs and raising quality by comprehending the ins and outs of managing capital projects, modernizing data management, and mapping the planet. We specialize in building strong, effective teams that produce specialized solutions and are well-versed in the specific technological requirements of your sector.

Engineering Assistance


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